How to Showcase Your Awards and Accolades on Social Media to Build Credibility

Boosting Your Brand Image: Effectively Flaunting Your Awards and Accolades on Social Media to Build Credibility


Mon May 22 2023

3 min

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You've won an award. Congrats! Now you've got to show it off. Let's kick off this post by discussing something that tends to gather dust in the corner of our offices — those hard-earned awards and accolades. It's time to pull those recognitions off the shelves and showcase them on your social media platforms for boosting your credibility and enhancing your brand image.

The Power of Recognition

First off, let's acknowledge the power of recognition. Awards and accolades aren't just shiny objects to collect dust on your office shelf. They are badges of honour, testaments of your skills, and proof of your hard work. They can significantly influence your brand image and credibility, and yes, they're worth bragging about.

Display Them Prominently

Your awards and accolades should have a prominent place on your social media pages. You can include them in your bio or about section, use a trophy emoji next to your achievements, or even use an award-winning image as your cover photo. Whatever you do, ensure they're easily visible to anyone visiting your page.

Create a Dedicated Post

Why not make a splash about your recent award with a dedicated post? Share a picture of the award, a photo from the ceremony, or even a simple graphic with the award's name. Pair it with a heartfelt message thanking your team, clients, or whoever contributed to your success. Remember to use relevant hashtags to increase your post's visibility.

Use Instagram Stories and Highlights

Instagram Stories are perfect for sharing in-the-moment updates, like receiving an award. Instagram Highlights, on the other hand, can be a permanent home for your achievements. Create a highlight titled 'Awards' or 'Accolades' and add all related stories to it. This way, your audience can view your accomplishments at any time.

Include Awards in Content

Your awards can be woven into your content naturally. Writing a blog post about a project that won you an award? Mention it. Sharing a testimonial from a client? Add that it was during this project you were recognised. The idea is to remind your audience subtly about your credibility.

Respond to Congratulatory Messages

When you post about an award, it's likely you'll receive congratulatory comments from your followers. Make sure to respond to these comments to show your appreciation. It also provides a nice human touch to your social media presence.

What's Next?

So, there you have it, your quick guide to leveraging awards and accolades on social media. Now it's time to let your accomplishments shine and boost your brand credibility. Remember, it's not bragging if it's true. So go ahead and show off those shiny trophies. After all, you earned them!

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